Work Samples

My writing, thankfully, has really taken off! I have so many published clips now, that I want to guide you to my new portfolio site. It keeps a nicely organized template of all my published work. My writing has gotten to the point where I have way too many articles to keep track of and it’s hard to sort them and organize them on this website. 
An easy access to all my work:

I've had the opportunity to work with many different businesses on a variety of topics. 
Below are listings of companies I have worked with and articles that I've completed over the last few years!

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The Healthcare Marketing network - - December 2016 - present Community manager and coach

Allnurses - - January 2017 to present Contributing writer

theSocialnurse - -October 2016 to present Contributing writer on the blog

Sixfigurenurse -  - February 2016 to present
Writing focused on interview and blog posts of nurse business owners.  

Monthly Gift -  - February 2016 to present
Writer focused on blog posts towards women in their late teens, early 20s, focusing on women's health from gynecological issues, wellness promotion, and sexual health.

Lake Health Hospitals -  - October 2015 to present
Writer focused on patient guides for different medical conditions and any other website content needs.

 Wolters Kluwer Health (The Research Masters) September 2015 – present
This project involves reviewing produced content for recent evidence based practices. It also involves writing questions and content.

Healthline - - August 2015 – present
Healthline hired me on as a medical reviewer as well as a content writer for their website with content specifying in health, parent, and pregnancy related.

Fitpregnancy - - August 2015 – present
Fitpregnancy came to me asking for a piece on tandem breastfeeding. (see the link)

Elsevier publishing (The Research Masters) – July 2015
This project involved creating content using the Elsevier textbook and other resources to develop storyboard content for online learners in nursing school.

Scitent - May 2015 – June 2015
This project involved reviewing CMEs for physicians and nurses, website content, as well as a project involving marketing around the nation for different hospitals

·Wikihow - January 2015 to present
Involved writing content for the website and reviewing content for the website.

Smart Bug Media – Insomnia sleep store seo content writer – April 2015 – June 2015
Smartbug’s project included multiple blog articles for a sleep store launching a blog dedicated to SEO sleep content.

LovetoKnow - – April 2014
LovetoKnow is a website, like wikihow, that produces consumber related content for reader with questions about specific newborn related conditions, pregnancy, or maternal child health.

Decoded Pregnancy - - January 2012 - 2013
Focused on different SEO website content, related to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. – - 2012-2013
Blog content related to natural health for a childbearing woman.