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I want to share my story with you while helping inspire those nurses (and moms) out there who need to escape the overtime and burn out. There ARE other ways to use your nurse brain! Be creative!

  • Are you a nurse who is ready for a change?
  • Are you a nurse who needs a side income?
  • Are you tired of picking up shift after shift, barely seeing your family?
  • Let me help you! I want to know your struggles and ideas to start your own business. Everyone has their own story, even me. 

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You tend to need an extra "kick in the butt" or motivation
  • You can not think of your goals
  • You do not know how to make your goals attainable
  • You need an unbiased opinion of your work

When should you not get a coach?

  • If you don't like to work hard (this is HARD work)
  • If you think this is easy money
  • If you are not interested in starting a lucrative side business
  • If you don't like advice.

read a post from a recent coaching client, Maureen

What won't I coach you to do?

  • I will not tell you to leave your job. I do not think I will ever leave the floor myself. Ask my patients, coworkers, kids, and spouse, they all will tell you I absolutely LOVE my job and what I do. I love my patients...Nursing is my CALLING in life and always will be.

Below contains a link to my PDF file of coaching packages, a form to get connected with me, as well as a free calendar to schedule your FREE 15 minute call with me!


Just a side note: My CanUMeet Schedule is only 2 weeks at a time (due to kids/work etc!)

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