Finding a nurse writer is easy with Write RN LLC

Finding a nurse writer is easy with Write RN LLC

Finding a nurse to write for your content needs has never been easier.

Janine is a very established and professional freelancer with whom we’ve had the great pleasure of working with on various publishing projects. Not only does she meet deadlines and submit superb work, she stays in communication and is adaptable and flexible with it comes to keeping up with ever-changing project guidelines and processes. As an editorial project manager, Janine makes my job easier and I can’t wait for more projects with her! “

Working with Janine was a life-saver. She quickly understood the scope of the business development/marketing work and dove right in. She had an excellent grasp of how to communicate with our healthcare prospects, communicate via phone and email, and provide detailed reporting.
— Kyra (Research Masters - Elsevier and Wolters Kluwer)

Are you looking for a nurse who excels in writing health-related content for those needing an RN's perspective?

Helping people is my passion. Through my content writing services, article writing, blog writing, fact checking, marketing, medical reviews of current content, and more, I’ll can help you with your needs. I'll be able to show you exactly how my 11 years as a Registered Nurse enables me to accurately research and turn medical terms into lay person talk.  I write in a style that I communicate to my patients with. - (440) 688-1984 -