An In-depth look behind Write RN's founder

How did it all start? Well, back in the 1980's my mother was pregnant with surprise twins...that was me :)

Beyond pushing out ahead of my sister, I continued to push through life. I had a childhood with many memories of playing with friends, but I always wanted to make the extra dollar. We (my beloved twin, Jackie and I)  would think of any ideas to make extra money. We had the typical lemonade stand and actually sold "boy band" merchandise in our early teens (making a pretty good profit on top of our fast food work and babysitting jobs). 

 Jackie and I in Twinsburg, Ohio for the annual Twinsdays festival


I became pregnant with my first son at the ripe age of 19. I just found out I was accepted into nursing school and after 12 years of Catholic schooling, let's just say, it wasn't a very happy time in my life. It was a struggle. I still pushed though and made it through nursing school with my son taking his first steps on stage with me. I struggled as a single mom for 4 years, but had amazing support of family. 

My best friend, Adam, and I decided after being friends since junior high that we might actually try to date (we were afraid to ever do something to screw up our friendship).

  My husband, Adam, and I back in 2005 (before we dated), just having a blast as we always do.

My husband, Adam, and I back in 2005 (before we dated), just having a blast as we always do.


We knew everything about each other, we had so many fun times as kids and couldn't ever think that a boyfriend/girlfriend could be just as fun. That was a good chance we took. We are married now (since 2011). I can actually say I married my best friend.

Our wedding 9/10/11


Now, we have another son together and a huge Great Dane. My first son was adopted by him as well, and we cannot imagine life any other back to business.

In our marriage, we believe in cash flowing life. We weren't brought up this way, rather, we knew we never wanted to pay anyone anything. We have cash flowed many things in our marriage (even our $18,000 wedding, patio, hot tub, and 2 brand new cars) and have no debt. We are both extremely hard workers, but we make family number one always. 

In 2012, my grandma (Meme), was diagnosed with her last fight of cancer. I sat by her bedside because she never wanted to be alone.

My inspiration and hero


That is when I started writing (for money). I always wrote, but never officially. I owe this business to her inspiration and pride in me. I know she would be proud. She knows I love to help people and want to use my talents everyday to do so.

With the support of my husband, kids, parents, family and friends...I launched Write RN.

My family <3


That is how this business came nursing career....that's another story!