Virtual Assistant Services

Overwhelmed? I can help.

  • Are some tasks that are part of your business making you feel unmotivated and uninspired?
  • Are you sick of feeling like you still need 50 more hours in your day?

It’s time to outsource to a virtual assistant, like me!


What comes with every package?

  • Free Consultation - After you send over the form below, we will have a chat about what you want me to do to help you!

  • Dedication & Honesty- I'm a nurse, we're the most trusted profession. You can trust me to get the job done!

Ready for some virtual help?

Packages available....want more? We can set up anything!


Blog Management  - starting at $300/mo

Wouldn’t it be nice just to write your amazing content and be done? That’s what this package will do for you!

Package includes:

  • Upload content
  • Format content for your blog platform
  • Add inbound links (from your current products/blog posts)
  • Add outbound links (if you have referrals/affiliates)
  • Checked for keywords & SEO
  • Add in tags
  • Add (pre created) lead magnets to post
  • Repurpose content on LinkedIn + create LinkedIn graphic (additional $75/post)
  • Promote across 2 Social Media Channels 1x/wk x 1mo

Email Marketing Services - starting at $300/mo Startup + $75/mo for 1 newsletter (last 2)

Have you utilized Mailchimp but spend hours attempting to figure it out? Stop wasting your time. I can help with that.

Package includes:

  • Set up Mailchimp Account
  • Import email addresses from .csv file (if one by one is required, this service will be a higher price)
  • Integrate Facebook to post email newsletter to the feed
  • Integrate Twitter to post email newsletter to the feed
  • “Thank you for subscribing” template created
  • Load one newsletter with content you provide (I will send you a questionaire)
  • Schedule newsletter as draft (you press send)

Extras include: any additional website forms + automated campaigns

Graphic Design - 10 Pinterest/Twitter/LinkedIn/FB images - starting at $80

Most people are visual learners and become engaged with images. I will provide images (for one Social Platform) that not only look good, but match your branding and style.

Package includes:

  • 10 Pinterest/Twitter/LinkedIn/FB images

Social Media Management (1 Social Account) - Packages start at $300/mo

Have amazing content, but you don't have the hours in a day to promote, reply, and engage? This is the package that will solve those problems!

Package includes:

  • Branded account set up
  • Add keywords, descriptions & Administrators
    Content creation (images, updates, poll, etc - no blog post writing)
  • Schedule tools lists updates 1x/week (Buffer or Hootsuite)
    Engaging with followers (retweets, likes, replying to comments)


Organizational Services

Productivity Specialist - starting at $150/mo

Need some systems in place? A to-do list that’s a mile long? Some accountability? Can’t figure out what to let go in your business? That’s what this package is for.

When you book in my canumeet link a 30 minute session, I will send you a questionnaire about you and your business.

When we have our call, come with questions. We will tackle your business goals, where you struggle, and how I can help. It’s a clarity session to help you discover your needs that go with your entrepreneurial personality.

We have many different qualities. There are people I have worked with that are amazing connectors, have amazing ideas, and want to create so much. I help you dig into the 5 W questions of your business, and look where time can be given back to you...because let’s be real - time is money.

We will rejoin for another 30 minutes after our first call and really tackle how to get your business organized.

Ongoing consults will include:

  • 1 hour phone/Zoom session
  • Emailed action plan

Email Cleanup Service - starting at$400/mo

Ready to have a -0- inbox? This package will organize and filter through your many messages.

  • A zoom 1 hour call in order to screen share and help you understand what your email box will turn into
  • Organize first 500 emails
  • Set up automatic filters
  • Additional 100 emails = $100/mo
  • Set up systems: replying, achieving, and labeling

Email takeover is available

Bookkeeping - starting at$150/mo

Stop trying to remember if you paid people, or if they submitted their invoice this month. Did you expense everything? Don’t wait until the end of the year.

  • Handle client and outsourced invoicing
  • Create spreadsheets so you can see what’s paid and what’s not
  • Ensure bills are paid
  • Ensure refunds are given
  • Create a spreadsheet with monthly expenses

“A La Carte” packages available.
Consult with me 1 hour call for $60


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