Setting goals for your business 3 EASY ways + A FREEBIE!

Setting goals for your business 3 EASY ways + A FREEBIE!

As we are approaching the end of the year, it's time to start thinking about next year's goal for you and your business. It does not have to be rocket science, but it does make you have to think. You have put a lot of work into building yourself up to starting a business, and now you need to keep it going!

Networking with other people doing what you're doing is a great way to not only meet people but to have support. You may have done this already in some Facebook groups or Twitter lists, but some private groups called Mastermind groups are also very helpful. By doing this, you can bounce ideas off each other. Beyond that, it is an excellent way to continue motivation for your business. We all come from different walks of life, and you have to learn to embrace them. We're all in it to win it except the win is happiness for you and your business!

Setting goals for your business can be tough because you have to look at the big picture. My goals changed after the first quarter of the year last year because I met a great person who turned me to thinking a different way for my business. I also launched this blog, which was completely unplanned last year.

I started to work over at the six-figure nurse and it has helped me start my first book with my friend William. He and I are out to help other nurses start their businesses. Right now, I offer coaching for nurses (and writers), but none of this could have been possible without the mentors I have had. 


Shout out time

I can’t say enough about Elizabeth Hanes. She has truly helped me not only launch my business, but she talked me up more than myself ;-)

William Harris for also talking me up to working with him and making his dream of Six Figure Nurse come true. This guy is going places. I could tell from our first conversation!

Gina Horkey & Ariel Rule - These girls run the mastermind group I am in and have done a fantastic job motivating me!

Britt - My sister Brittany has been very helpful with helping me figure out the goals I have for my business and to set up my website to show those goals. 


Goal Setting Steps

First, look at your full picture where do you want to be next year. 
Answer the following:

  • How much can you make? Think of a budget where do you want to be income wise shoot for the stars. But make it attainable.

Next, Write an action plan

  • Think about how you're going to get that action done. Make specific steps daily that you're going to do to achieve your goal.

Educate yourself find different resources and what you're trying to do. Send some emails to people that are already doing what you're doing to see if you can get a mentor to help you along. Many of us who have started a business are willing to give our advice for free!

Setting goals with those easy, guided steps will help you succeed. Check out my freebie template that helps you map this out even better.

It is easy to get burned out when you are starting up. As an entrepreneur, you want to know everything about your business, but slow down!

And once again stay focused and get support. No one wants you to succeed more than I do!