The #1 Most Frugal At Home Business


The Most Frugal At Home Business

My business has cost me very little to start. I was that person at one time trying to sell things to people. I HATED it. I’m an introvert...I can’t sell. I lasted seconds, and I was done. I started my online writing business with $0.

I remember the day I started writing I was next to my grandmother as she was fighting for her life at hospice. I was alone with her, and because I can't just sit there, I decided to write a couple of articles. I didn't know I could make money doing this. I sold my first article for five dollars---a little advice, you’re worth more than that ;-)

I kept it up for a little bit, and then I researched what I was doing a little bit more and like you I came upon a website that made me realize my skills might be able to bring in more money than I thought.


My light bulb moment

Then, I sat there and said to myself, “ What am I doing working in the inner-city, seeing patients and almost losing my life? Where with this side gig, I can sit at home and write an article or help someone with some knowledge and yeah maybe not get paid as much but I'm home with my children. On top of that, I know I am going to come home to my kids.”  And that's where it started for me. I was working in the slums of the slums. It was extremely rewarding, but extremely dangerous ( I got bit by a pitbull when I was giving a patient an injection, lovely times). Anyway!

Low start up costs

What's great about freelance writing you don't need much you need a computer these days and an Internet connection to produce content. Some places want you to have Word or some other applications but most places just wanted an emailed article. I love Google Drive because I can work from it from anywhere. If you can produce good writing, you’re in business because to clients, content is king.

You can spend later

Now, to make a good income, you will have to spend some dough. Between blogging, website management, and other additions, you will have to spend some money. But for now, write and sell if you can. I am a fan of job boards, but not to work for pennies. Seek out part time gigs to make more money. It doesn’t hurt to try!

My expenses on my business

Well, after a few years into this, I have finally this year set a “set” amount to make this year. So far, I am on track.

I did spend some money on my business this year. I have this website, I joined a Mastermind group, I took some cheap webinar courses and bought a new laptop. These, when you make money, are very minimal costs. I know in the upcoming years, my expenses will go up when I start to dive into affiliate marketing, social media management and more (those are my goals).

But, I know how I started, and I started for free. The income will grow if you have passion, patience, and most of all, hard work involved. I am the first to say, it is not easy, but it is worth it!

If you need help building your business reach out, I'm still working to build mine. We're in this together, let me help you. What questions do you have?