6 Awesome features of Google Keep

What Is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a Google product (free) that helps your stay organized, like a notepad. Yu can take notes, add photos, voicememos, and (my favorite) checklists into colorful post-it notes on your device. It is great for moms on the go like me for grocery lists, productive lists, reminders, and I even use it for income projection.


6 Awesome features for Google Keep

Voice it

I can’t tell you how many times I have a great idea driving. It’s terrible, but not as terrible as my shower ideas (haha). At least my phone is near me in the car. I don’t like to text and drive (It CAN wait), but talking my note without fiddling with a keyboard, is ideal. You can record a note on the device and it is transcribed into the note (better than my experience with Siri).

Color My World

Can I just say I love color, especially when it comes to organization! I color code everything! When I used a planner, back in 2004, I had one of those pens that you click each color down, just to stay organized. Nowadays, I use my google calendar to keep my schedule, though I miss the paper planners. If my business ever really takes off (a girl can dream), that will be one thing I invest in.

The cool thing with Google keep, you get 8 colors to choose from for organizing your notes! They come in: white, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and gray.


You can add pictures

I love that you can add pictures to your notes too. This is handy for us bloggers out there. You can truly draft a whole post in a Google Keep note if you wanted too.


Syncs with any device

If you go to the library, don’t have battery left on your phone, and no computer, Google Keep is still accessible. How? Hop onto a public library computer and log into your Gmail account. In there will be the Google Drive App and then Google Keep. It will then sync when you are done to any device you pull it up on again.

You can collaborate

My twin sister and I do newborn photography. She is as bad as me when it comes to planning and organization. We collaborate all the time by Google Keep, sending our notes to eachother, and giving each other checklists



You can label every note too. This is handy for busy people, again like you moms out there! For example, I am not just a writer, I do my blog, I have clients I write for, I am taking classes in school, I have a family (that requires notes), and also a job that I have to keep up with. Every Sunday, I try to go in and update my Google Keep list with everything I want to accomplish that week!


I hope this gives you a good insight on how to use Google Keep. Try it out, I think you will like it!

Tell me, what do you like to use to keep yourself organized?