6 Examples Of Why I Love Squarespace


My website is built on a platform called Squarespace. I found it to be the most easy-to-use option for me to create the easiest access for my customers. My sister over at Home Sweet Hyatt has done a great job creating what I wanted.

Squarespace is the platform for many creatives out there, like myself. I see alot of designers, photographers, writers, and other small business owners on this platform.

How does it work?

Squarespace has plans that increase in price as the options go up. For $8/month, you get the most basic plan...but it’s far from basic when you are just starting out. You get your own domain name and plenty of storage. The plans, like I said, go up from there, but if you know how big (or small) your business is now, you can gauge how much you want to spend on your site.

If you are a creative person, trying to get your business done, Squarespace might be the best place for you. You do not have to worry about coding and plug ins (leave that to the experts).

I started on Wordpress

Wordpress was great, but not for me. I enjoy the simplicity of Squarespace. It is so easy to configure things to “look right”. On Wordpress, it never looked good to me. I wanted to look put together, and I never did on Wordpress. I have heard a lot of good reviews for my website since I launched it on Squarespace.

Wordpress took me forever

When I build my website on Wordpress, I wasted so much precious time. I could have been doing so much more in my business, rather than wasting time there. Now, I barely do anything to get my blog posts up, change material, or any other content.

Blog posts...a breeze!

When I post a new blog post, I never have to edit anything (unless I am connecting a new article), it is all right there. The scheduling makes it mindless and streamlines every single post for me. It’s like having your own virtual assistant.

Customer service is fantastic!

Wordpress is great here as well, but I have to say, Squarespace has been very beneficial for me, who doesn’t feel like she knows a lot when it comes to building a website.

Updates? I don't have time for updates!

Wordpress always had issues with updates. I don’t see that at all at Squarespace. I log in, and it’s a clean feel, just what I like. Additionally, nothing ever crashes.

Coding, huh?

Thank you Squarespace for making it dummy-proof. I’m not a full dummy, but when it comes to TRUE coding, I’m a dummy. I learned HTML back in 1998 when I had a boy band obsession and made my own website on geocities...okay I’m aging myself. Though, I do know (and still remember) some of it. Nowadays, it’s so easy to drag and drop where I need it.

Are you on Squarespace or Wordpress? There are other platforms out there as well, but those are the most popular. Why do you like one choice over the other? Would you ever go back?