1:1 Coaching Price Cut (Two days ONLY!)

Hi there fellow freelancers!

I remember my other prn job.  I loved it, I loved my patients, and the money was great. My husband hated it, my kids hated it, and I had to learn to shoot and carry a weapon in order to feel somewhat safe in the sketchy parts of Cleveland, Ohio.

I took a new prn job, sitting in my pjs with coffee, and my stress candle burning.

My freelance writing job went from $0 to five figures in the first year. This year, I am approaching numbers that are higher, but with way less work than my hospital job or my homecare job.

<<First Name>> Want me to help you grow your business?

for TWO DAYS ONLY, I am SLASHING prices on my 1:1 coaching!

  • Normally ½ hour is $65, I am cutting it to ---- $30!
  • Normally 1 hour is $120, I am cutting it to ---- $60!

October 10 and October 12 will be the days to CLAIM YOUR SPOT.(between 8-12:30 est time please). These dates are limited!

Simply, email me: writernjanine@gmail.com select a date and time (Between 8am-12:30pm EST those days) and I will send you a personal email back with more information.

Maureen recently told us in this extraordinary blog article regarding her eyeopening coaching experience with me. 

Not ready quite yet? Come join me on my blog where I share tips for new freelance writers. More of a video person? Check out my new YouTube channel first video about Goal Setting (My 12 year old is going to think I am the coolest).