Two Pillars of Freelance Success


Two Pillars of Freelance Success


The world of freelancing is hugely diverse and wide. It has various dimensions and you are always able to earn some real money as long as you have some skills and you are ready to apply these skills. As a nurse writer, it is easy for me to find clients who want someone in the health niche because having a degree in nursing is SO helpful! Millions of people are confused about how to become successful in freelancing profession but the answer lies in certain basic tips which most people ignore. It might seem over-simplification but success in freelancing can be traced back to two most important things that have a lot to do with one's attitude. These are discussed below.


Diligence is commonly used but it is rarely well-understood by people. Basically, diligence means to persistently work hard and have a careful attitude about work you perform. These skills are obviously useful in almost all professions in life. However, the importance of diligence is multiplied in case of freelancing. The fact of the matter is that freelancing is not a bed of roses. It is not easy to find jobs, especially in the beginning. At the same time, however, it also does not mean to lose hope since there are tons of success stories where people remained persistent and ultimately made a fortune in this profession.

In short, diligence can be defined as a combination of patience and hard work. It is obviously not an easy task to have such an attitude but it can be developed with time. Following points can be helpful in this regard.

  1. Always remind yourself of why you chose this profession and what you want to achieve in the future.
  2. Understand that failure is not an option at all and you are here to be successful, like hundreds of thousands of people who got success in the same profession.
  3. Divide big goals into smaller objectives and focus towards achieving these objectives one by one.

We're not going to become number one writers/blog sensations over night! 

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If you study historical stories where heroes performed extraordinary tasks, you would find at least one common factor in all those stories. This factor is of determination and such an attitude was present in every great person in the history of the mankind. What it really means is to remain firm on your purpose and always remain motivated to achieve your ultimate goal without worrying a lot about the hardship.

Difficulties are present in every profession and same is the case with freelancing. However, if you are talented and determined to make your name then you will surely get your chance sooner or later. If you do a bit of research you will find numerous stories and biographies of successful freelancers and you will also find that success was not presented to them on a plate. Each of these freelancers had to work extremely hard in order to achieve what they have today. Therefore, determined attitude is a must-have quality if you are to become successful in the profession of freelancing in the long run.

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