Why Clarity Is Essential To Your Business + FREE WORKBOOK

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There are so many shiny objects when we are starting our businesses that the overwhelm takes over. I remember starting my business and listening to a podcast on building my sales funnel. I was running on the treadmill and it hit me, “how can I build a funnel when I don’t even have followers?” As a freelance writer who is always scaling her business, I know the feeling...and that is why I designed

The Writing Business Clarity Workbook!


Inside the workbook, you will be guided to brainstorm all these ideas you have in your brain. I know the pains of choices when starting out.

Questions many of us ask ourselves are:

  • What website builder do I use?

  • What do I name my business?

  • Do I need every social media platform?

  • How often should I be posting everywhere?

  • Where can I find more clients?

  • What should my goals be?

Often, these shiny objects send us down a rabbit hole of distraction. We end up all over Google and Pinterest searching for the best way to do things, which ultimately -- takes you away from what’s important -- YOUR BUSINESS!


So, get out of that rabbit hole, and download my free workbook!


Inside it you will find:


  • Goal Setting Guide - Your guide on how to set SMART goals - what I do every single year to set my business goals

  • Printable Goal Setting Worksheet- This printable is customizable for you to set your goals!

  • The Hour of Power Guide- A guide on how to utilize your hour of power every single day to leverage your business

  • Printable Hour of Power To Do List - This list is one you can duplicate daily for your Hour of Power.

  • Income Tracker Printable - Already have a client? Great! Let’s start tracking that and keeping your personal and business income separate. 

  • Cold Email Introduction to Clients - Ready to gain your first client? This free template can help

  • Cold Email Tracker Printable - Use this tracker for the Letter of Introduction to clients for follow up

  • Self Care Tips for the Freelancer  - You cannot take care of your business, if you are not caring for YOU.


Need more than my free workbook? Let’s try a Coaching Package or a 1:1 call!