How to Get Started Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

how to get started outsourcing to a virtual assistant

Realizing "time is money" moves many business owners to the next step of outsourcing to a virtual assistant. Starting can be tough if you feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day business tasks. This article will help you clarify where you are in your business and where you might need help.

Brain Dump

When you are looking to outsource, the first step is to do, what I call, a brain dump. Look at those day to day tasks and make a list stuff prioritizing the "must to have to do" tasks to run your business.

Then, look at how many hours the task will take you to do in a day.

Take that number and multiply it by your current hourly rate.

There is that time versus money factor.

This formula is now your budget for this task, but, obviously, you want it to be less for someone else to do.

Clearly Define Tasks

When you are deciding what tasks to outsource, you must be clear to have the virtual assistant complete the task efficiently.

For example, don't assign a task that says,

"increase my blog traffic."

Instead, say

"schedule 10 tweets promoting the content, leave 10 comments on blogs, and ask 3 blog owners if you could guest post for them."

Your VA will need some training to get your project correct. Things like documents, videos, templates, and examples may help get the information correct for you.

Find a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Now that you have a list of "have to dos" and you clearly defined the work, all you have to do is find a VA to complete it.

Hey, look, you found one! I urge you to finish this article,  then check out my VA services page.


When I talk with my clients, I always start with the discovery call.

A discovery call is a free session, after business owners fill out my form, to understand the vision and mission of their company.

Then, after I talk to my clients, we agree on the tasks that need to be completed, and I draw up a proposal. After both parties agree, I give them a welcome package with all my contact information.

I hope this article helps you get started on outsourcing. You will be amazed at the time you will have to put the work into your business that you actually like doing!

Not sure if you're ready to hire a VA? You can download my checklist "How to know if you are ready for VA Services" and read this post How to know when I am ready for a VA