How to Know When you are Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

 How to Know When you are Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

When you are an established business owner the tasks in your day become overwhelming. Thinking of hiring a VA to lessen your load, will help you take your business to the next level, faster!

There are two setbacks for entrepreneurs when they are deciding to hire a VA. They are:

  • Not in the budget
  • Not ready to Hire

I'm going to break those two setbacks down to help you realize that just having an interest in this blog post shows me that you are ready to get started.

No Budget

Look at the simple phrase, "time is money". It truly is. Look at the time you put into every newsletter, blog post, business backends, social media, and administrative tasks that you could've put into your business. Most business owners like the creative, planning, and creating side of the business, which you don't have time for if you are doing backend work. When you have time to work on your business, you will get more clients and sales.

Not Ready

Like I said, opening to reading this post points to readiness. Most businesses owners have a sense of control and think no one can run their business like them. Therefore, start to brainstorm the tasks you think you can hire out. Start by delegating those. Need more information on how to start outsourcing? Check out this post.

Still unsure? Download my checklist on "How to know if you are ready for VA Services"

I'll ask you,  could you be spending $500/mo on a VA and add $5k to your business with the time you gain?

Hiring a VA for a short-term project can help you get your feet wet with outsourcing. Here is my VA Services page and another post I created on How to Get Started Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant.