Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Writers

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Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Writers

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With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your favorite writer colleague or friend. Being a writer, I thought I would put this list together to help those who have no idea what to get us. I have put together two guides, a nurse gift guide, and a writer gift guide.

1. Aqua Notes

can’t tell you how many times I have been in the shower thinking about the next big idea. I wonder why, but if I had this, it would be so nice to jot it down and not forget when my Great Dane or youngest son comes barging in.

Passion Planner

You guys know my love for this planner, so I had to put it on the list. Passion Planner is a planner that is specified to accomplish set goals. It really makes you sit down and think about your career and personal life. If you don’t purchase this planner, ask your writer friend what planner they like (we’re nerdy like that), and buy it for them.


3. Coffee Mug & Water Jug

Here are some cute coffee mugs I like, but any will do. We are huge on our coffee consumption, so giving yet another coffee mug would suit us just fine.

While we’re on the topic of drinking, water is always on my desk too. A large water jug is important for any writer! Here are more water bottles that would work well for me.

Stainless steel are always nice because they stay cold and the water bottle stays clean.

I am also a fan of water bottles that fit in my cup holder.

Time tracker water bottles are cool to make sure you are getting all the water you need in a day

Don’t forget the cute stocking stuffer coasters

4. Office Supplies

We are nerds with our office supplies. The first thing to ask your writer is if they have a theme.  I love the color blue, so a lot of my office supplies are blue. If they don’t have a theme, you can pick out some neat stuff like

5. Logitech Headset with Mic

With clients on the phone with me constantly and many online meetings, I don’t know what I would do without my headset. It helps with background noise when I have many people on a call and it keeps me handsfree.

6. Logitech Webcam

On the same thought, many clients want to chat online via webcam. I had one on my computer, but the lighting was very dull. This camera was perfect and within my price range.

7. Gift Cards

Sometimes, my home office is too distracting. I like to go out to eat or for coffee when I need ot get some work done. Therefore, Starbucks or the local Panera Bread are great choices when you want to give something valuable to your writer friend.