Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Nurses

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Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Nurses

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I am writing two holiday gift guides this year. One if for writers, like myself, and one for nurses, like myself. Both are hard to shop for, so I am told. Therefore, here are some rockin gifts for your nurse friend this holiday season.


1. Compression Socks

Before you buy these for your nurse friend, you have to find her size. Avoid guessing this because, for the maximum benefit of these socks, the size has to be spot on. I love these socks, I have watermelon ones. They make my legs ache so much less, especially the older I get.


2. New Stethoscope

We can use one. We use the same stethoscope every day and after years of work, it will show its wear and tear. If you love us more, put our names on it. It is not uncommon for someone, like a doctor, to run off with our stethoscope in hand.



3. Water Bottle and Coffee Cup - with a Lid

Recently, we have been yelled at that we don’t have lids on our cups. Therefore, if you want to give us a coffee mug, or water bottle, be sure it has a lid.

These are some our friends will be jealous of


4. Relaxation Tools

A stress ball or massagers after a long day at our “office” is needed for nurses. We have to care for patients and lack caring for ourselves. Relaxation for the shower or bath is also a nice pampering after work.

5. Lunchbox

We look like construction workers with our cooler size lunchboxes in the breakroom, but our day shifters work 12 hours and miss every meal of the day, and night shift has to eat their 3 meals during the night. A lunchbox that has portion sizes and also keeps our food cool is a game changer.


6. Shoes

Of course, you have to find out what size your nurse friend is, but some of the most popular shoes are

Danskos - They help support your back and less achiness on your body over time


Nikes - Personally, I love my Nikes because I am a tennis shoe kinda girl


7. When in doubt, we love Gift Cards

Gift Cards will help us fuel our coffee addiction, or share some food with friends. Chipotle , Starbucks or the local Panera Bread are my favorites.