January Passion Planning + 2018 Goal Setting

January Passion Planning + 2018 Goal Setting.png

January Passion Planning & Goals for 2018 for WriteRN


It's 2018!! Can you believe it?! A whole year went. Just. Like. That!

I have some incredible goals set for myself this year and I am hoping to make 2018 THE YEAR for my business. I did a recap of 2017 for my blog...you can check it out here

I wrote about my new tool for 2018, my Passion Planner and I am so excited that it is January and I finally get to really use it. Let me confess for a minute that I copied pages and practiced for December and it was hilarious. I had the passion planner and this 3 ring binder (from my son's old school so it had his name on it) that came with me everywhere. So, I am really excited to let go of two giant planners and have just my Passion Planner.

I took some time before the beginning of the yea rot reflect on this past year and set some goals for 2018. I also came up with content and opt in ideas <FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR>. I am very proud of the fact that I did that.

December was a low-income month for me, but I was able to focus on some bigger things. I finished my book, and it's ready for editing, I updated my entire site, added in blog posts, a new FREE COURSE, workbook and more. I wasn't not working...let's just say. I also invested in myself a little for a VA Leads list from Gina Horkey. Carol Bush, founder of Healthcare Marketing Network, and I came up with a workflow for the business, and ready to take on 2018!

Ready to hear some Write RN Goals?

Finish Book

By February 1, 2018, I will send my book to the editor and follow up with my publisher. By doing this, I will make the next step into my business with selling a product.

Action Steps: Edit 4 pages a month or dedicate one day until it’s done

Continue growing LinkedIn, add more traffic to my Blog (Pinterest), and connect on Facebook through my page and the HWN

By December 31, 2018, gather 100+ connections to my email list. By doing this, I will serve my clients with my income reports, blog posts, and content to help sell coaching sessions and products. By continuing connections on LinkedIn, I will gain more writing opportunities.

Action Steps: Blog once a week, reach out clients 10 min/4xwk on LinkedIn, Come up with free worksheets for opt in (focused on clarity and productivity), Boost traffic to blog with Pinterest


Book Clients to cover Main Client

I had consistent work from them, which is a good problem to have. I struggled when it came to not having them. I need to grow my writing where I can consistently make $2K/mo without them. I can do this by referrals, using the Healthcare Marketing Network and reaching out on LinkedIn.

Action Steps: Keep gaining writing opportunities

Make $24,000 this year in my writing business

This is a  high goal for me only working part time ( I also do a research job on the side). This will have to be $2000/month to achieve this. I think I can do it with my new Mastermind Group and determination and diligence.

Action Steps: Ramp up coaching, email list, LinkedIn clients etc

Stay Status Quo with my current writing clients

Action Steps: Keep following up and creating excellent content for them.

I also hope to gain other streams of income by virtual assistance. So far, I have some leads, just have to nail them down.


Onto my Passion planning process for January


When I started this month, I needed my work schedule at the hospital. I start with that because it is something I can't change. <that is in black>

Then, I added in the kid's activities <Pink> and their days off school.

I then added my personal time (the gym) <purple>

Then, I added in my WriteRN time. As you see, one of the goals I am striving for is to work around my life, not have life around my work. A hard concept to swallow when we are always told work first then play. My kids need me now, more than ever, it seems, so I will put them and myself first in 2018.

Then, it's week by week. Life changes quickly, so I always need a plan. You do too. If you haven't jumped on board with planning your life to endure less chaos, now is the perfect time.

media-20171231 (3).jpg

Every month, I will deliver you my reflections and plans for the next month (don't worry I still have income reports coming). I also have freebies planned as well. 

I hope to grow this blog and help you achieve some clarity and productivity in your life and business.