Write RN August 2017 Recap + Added $700 to my income + 2 More Clients!

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Hey there fellow freelancers!

We made it through the first couple weeks of school, my 33rd birthday, and our new session has started at the YMCA and Cross Country for my other son! Phew! Busy busy.

Onto business!

I had an awesome office makeover (pics below), which is just in time for me because I finally feel like I have time in my day to work.

As many of you know, my youngest has ADHD and has started Pre-K. When I describe my little guy I can tell you, he is like a constant 18-month-old. I can never get anything done, and when he is quiet, something in the house is destroyed. I have him enrolled in pre-k 9-2 daily and have already seen a change in him. Thankfully, he is a good boy at school. He just needs structure.

Therefore, I have more time to focus in my day and let me tell you, I love it!

I am working on my calendar for September...my favorite month! We always go to Florida in September and I get to work on the beach! 

August was an awesome month. I gained 2 clients, and a lead for September pitched a few companies, re-engaged with our group on Facebook, and starting a mom-blog carnival with a few mompreneur friends!

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  • I gained 2 clients, Careerstaff and Academic Partnerships through the Healthcare Marketing Network. Woo hoo, and extra $700/month!
  • A reach out turned into a $750 job for September!
  • I almost have all my contributors interviews for my book!
  • I pitched in the Healthcare Marketing Network's CareerStaff Pitchfest! I hope I get chosen because it means another client!
  • I learned a few new social media hacks that I am going to be implementing
  • I listened to a few podcasts that have kept me motivated.
  • Allnurses is still a great client!

Not so cool times: 

  • Last month was way worse than this month. This month has been hard to focus on my new routine. Right now, I am writing this at 5:55 am. I am trying to get up early before the kids do for school.
  • I haven't heard back from my pitches. I hate that. I wish companies had to tell you, yes or no, it's just rude to keep you hanging in the wind.
  • I have not gained any new coaching clients
  • I still have not had time for my book.

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