3 Tips for Meal Planning for the Part time Writer/Part time Nurse


3 Tips for Meal Planning for the Part time Writer/Part time Nurse

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"I am so sick of coming home and having leftovers or pizza after working"

This was a recent quote I said to my husband after working a 14 hour day at the hospital. I was over it. He was wasting money by not cooking and I hate unhealthy dinners. He knew this, so we had to change our direction on meal planning.

Look at your Budget

We have a monthly budget for food. He wanted convenient meals because he gets home from work, right at dinner time. The kids are hangry, and so is he. I am starving at work from 4p-8p, hoping my lovely husband made dinner. See what your budget is and work with it. We like Sam's Club for some meals, we are Aldi shoppers though!



Have a PLAN!

If you don't plan, then you run into what happens to my husband, panic mode. The kids are hungry and they want food NOW. We had become better.

A couple steps to the planning process:

Plan the meals for grocery shopping (4 or so is not practical, and it is wasteful) - We use Pinterest for ideas, other blogs, and meals I have made in the past.

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Think about dinner the a.m. - If you have something to defrost (I am defrosting ground turkey for meatloaf tonight). Also, pull your ingredients from the pantry because if you have to cook when you get home, things will be readily available

Stick to the Plan

Like I said, we have a plan, and we need to make sure it WORKS! We are not very picky, but I am conscious making sure our meals are healthy.

Some ideas we came up with:

  • Crockpot meals 
  • Freezer meals (make from scratch by me) 
  • Leftovers from the meals I had made on the days I was off 
  • Cheap and Quick (but healthy)
  • Tastefully Simple (My sister is a seller and she has meal parties where I make meals and bring them home to the family)
  • Convenient freezer meals (my least favorite -- chicken nuggets, ravioli etc)

Let me know what you do in your household. would love more hacks. Being a writer and a nurse, I don't have time to think about dinner every day of the week. I don't like doing takeout if I don't have to.