February #CarnivalofHealth - Writers present topics all about the Heart <3

February has come on us quickly in this beginning of 2018, and I chose to host my first Blog Carnival for the Healthcare Marketing Network with the topic of the Heart. The topic can relate to heart health, love, or anything that deals with it, but it serves as a traffic gateway to your blog.

First, I will present my post about how I Love to Hate Procrastination

I wrote this post because I wanted to stay around my blog content buckets, but also to give some tips for readers. I hate procrastination, but threw in my own "love/heart" part by loving to hate it ;-)

Check it out here: I Love to Hate Procrastination

Next up we have Melissa Mills from Making Space

Her post is about the feelings we have about our jobs once we have been at them for a while. I remember my first day as an RN, boy was I excited! Her tips to falling back in love with a job can really give you a breath of fresh air and realize why you're doing what you're doing. Thanks, Melissa!

You can see those 10 tips here: Dear Job, Let's Fall In Love Again

Then we have Annie Donahue from AnnieBethDonahue.com

Annie's blog is about helping others with the craft of writing. As a writer, I appreciate the time she puts into coming up with posts that really help writer --- write! Her post is titled: How to "Write From the Heart" in A Way That's Powerful (And Leaves The Drama Behind). When you write from the heart, you feel as if you are IN the story, not just reading it. In her article, she breaks down what "writing from the Heart" means and how to do it.

You can read her tips on making your writing from the heart here: How to "Write From the Heart" in A Way That's Powerful (And Leaves The Drama Behind) .

Then, we have Maureen Bonatch from Charmed Type with her article titled: Say it Like You Love Your Idea.

Have you ever said something to a client, or heck anyone and was unsure about it? Maureen dives deeper into this topic on how to reword your statements so you sound confident, and your words have a smile behind them too. Well done, Maureen! I always love tips like this!

Thank you for participating everyone! Stay tuned to the Healthcare Marketing Facebook Group for our March topic!