February Goal Check In + Passion Planning


Well hey, it's February 9th, and I wanted to get this post up 9 days ago, but you know what? Life happens. My youngest has been sick for a week. I will fill you in later about more life issues because this whole year has changed for me in a matter of a week.

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I know your time is precious, so let's just dive right in.

First, let's take a look at my new goals.


I realized, I had a lot going on in my life. I have a very sick uncle who has a terminal brain cancer that was just diagnosed in October and progressing quickly. I also work a physician who is in stage 4 cancer as well. These two individuals are important in my life, and I want time to be important to them.


My health needs to take a front seat, next to my family. I have always been into my health (I was a gymnast for 11 years), but after I had the second child, my body changed and I am not as happy as I want to be with it. I want to be more fit and eat better. I have adopted a (mostly) plant-based diet and lately, experimenting in the kitchen has taken a lot of my time.


I acquired two different jobs recently. I am helping as a research nurse in our community and the visits with patients is another part-time job. Also, we have no nurse educator at my current hospital job. I am going in on my days off to run through simulations with nurses to help them with emergency situations.


My goals have changed.

Income wise, I meet my goal with all these different streams I have going on. Also, my time is crunched. Therefore, my big ideas to pitch, pitch, pitch has come to a temporary halt....and guess what? It's ok (I keep telling myself).

I have to focus instead of multitasking in every area of my life.

I use my Passion Planner to help in this process. Let me show you.

Passion Planning

Here is a picture of my goals now:



As you see, it's a totally different look from when I posted in January, but goals change as life changes sometimes.

First, I want you to see my month of February. Things are added daily, but this was what it looks like today.



I write my kids stuff in pink, my WriteRN stuff in orange, my work (hospital and research) in black, and myself in purple.

I need to add a few more people to see, places to go and not to do list as well as more personal and work projects, but with my son home all week, I feel a little behind (creature of habit over here)

Next, I want to guide you to the weekly look. As you see, I keep the layout as is with the color schemes I have going, but then I add to the bottom. This week, I had a goal to batch write a bunch of content and finish a couple articles. I didn't get all that done because of doctor appointments and sleepless nights, but I did what I could.



In the nursing world, I would feel like a failure, but I have come to realize, that writing doesn't make or break anything. Therefore no one is going to die if I don't get my blog post written. Thank goodness lol.

Lastly, I want to guide you to my blog content calendar. Last month, I was totally on top of this, and honestly, I really need a just a day of quiet to sit down and focus on this again.



That's it! I want to quickly show some LOVE to the tools that help me create this post, just for YOU.

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Have an AMAZING February!! See you Soon!