March Recap- Sickness / Sadness / Salvation

March was a crazy month. I shared it over on my newsletter (sign up at the top for some insider monthly updates). I wanted to write a quick post to tell you guys all about what my next goals are for me (and my business).

1. Pitch 5 companies a week for copywriting.

I started this in March and I enjoy it. It helps me market myself and put myself out there. It's good for my mind as well. I am always trying to boost my self-confidence as a writer, and though I don't hear back from all companies, I have heard from a few.

2. Spend time with those I love  

Life is short guys. As I get older, it is getting more and more true. We are just a number. When God picks's time to go. Sometimes we don't say goodbye, sometimes we do. Either way, I know that I want my time on Earth to be spent being a good mom, good wife, good friend, a good nurse and overall a good human. I am working all the time on my ideal workweek to make it as efficient as I can so I can be in the moment instead of always thinking of my business.

3. Stay on Top of my to do list

 I have been slacking on getting up early, mainly because of life stress and sickness, but enough is enough. This month, I am committing to getting up before my kids. I won't do it every day though. Some days are left for snuggles with my baby because  these moments will end (my 13 year old doesn't snuggle anymore - and we're both okay with it ;-) ) 

That's it. I am continuing with my Passion Planner ( though I did slack last month ) and I am going to do the best I can.


Because that's all anyone should ever expect.