How the "Runners Wave" is Seen on a Blog

We finally have nice weather!

From October until May most of us have been in inside. Recently, on my run, I was happy to see other runners outside doing the same. Don’t get me wrong I have done a few runs here and there outside, but this is the one where I actually got hot and my body had to readjust to the warmer temperatures. My body goes through different changes. In winter, I adjust my body to run in the cold but I never run when it's below 35°.

When we go to Florida in September, my body has started to adjust to the colder temperatures in Northeast Ohio. When I go down to Florida and start running at 90° temperatures I am slower and my body needs to readjust.

All in all, when I travel, I usually run at some point during my trips and I have always noticed one thing about all runners, we have the runners wave.


What is a runners wave?

I hear there’s this wave among those who drive jeeps and ride motorcycles. I don’t do either of those, so I have to related to my running.

What happens in a runners wave is you run past each other and you give a little wave. The wave usually accompanies a smile. Even if I can’t catch my breath, I still wave.

It’s a way to signal "hello/good job/keep going/" fellow runner. It’s a wave that shows you are at peace.

On my recent run I was thinking of a blog post. And, this is what came from it. I know it's nerdy think about when you’re running, but it’s what came to me.

Freelancers who run blogs have the same type of runners wave.

Runners Wave with Comments

Freelancers use comments as a runners wave. This might be the time when I run and I say hello to someone, instead of just the wave. It signals more than just a simple wave. A comment on the blog is someone saying, "I'm here and you're doing a great job, keep going."

Runners Wave with "I can see you but I can’t hear you"

When I run, I have music blasting in my ears. I relate this to the people on my blog that I know are there from Google analytics. I can see people are coming to the blog, but I don’t always "hear" them with a comment.

The Runners Wave when I stop and chat

As many of you know, I have a Great Dane. He’s a topic of many conversations especially when we’re out for a walk. He does not take runs with me because he would drag me because he’s so big, he runs like a wild animal.

But the runner's wave in relation to walking my Great Dane is when I stop to chat with somebody because they have a really cute animal or know them. I wouldn’t say I live in a very small town but, growing up here, I have met many people and I often see people I know.

I relate this to when somebody emails me on a particular blog post I wrote. This is when you actually stop and spend time talking to somebody else. It’s still the same thing as when we do a runners wave and it means the same thing as I’m not in competition with you I am pushing you to strive harder which is important when running a business.

My Running Club

Over the first and second quarter, I joined a mastermind group. I feel like this is a runners club. We come and chat about our businesses and we push each other just go further and we are pushing to achieve goals.

Track Coach

I have ran since my early 20s and have learned things along the way. I help coach my son to run and learn to pace yourself. I relayed that to my one on one coaching services. I am able to help new writers start their business because I’ve been at it for a little while. I’ve made many mistakes along the way and I try to steer those people away from making the same mistakes that I did.

Maureen Bonatch, Melissa Mills, and other people that I’ve coached are not running their own businesses and doing better than I am. I am not jealous of them by any means. I am pushing them every step of the way and always there to answer their emails. Heck, I even thought hired one of them to help me out with my business!

I relate my free courses to me coming to my son’s track meets and standing on the sidelines. I’m there to cheer you are I’m there to help you at the finish line and I’m there if you need an extra push or extra training and what you want to do.

Running is hard, building a business is hard, and we shouldn’t be jealous of one another or try to compete with one another.