What Freelance Writing has done for me so far in 2018 (Vacation!!!)

Recently, I took a trip, by myself with no kids or husband. I am here to tell you a few of my reflections, and how I couldn't have done it without my side hustle of freelancing.


My son was born in 2012, and I knew then, I had to be home with him. Call it a "sign from above", a "calling" or whatever, but I knew the day that child was born that he was going to need me home more.

I started writing unofficially then, and three years later, I began Write RN, LLC. With that, I gained more exposure and clients.

When my son was 2, I started school again for my bachelor's degree, while still running my business. I had to cut back a day every two weeks at work to handle school and my children. I finished by BSN last year and didn't go back to picking up days because my writing business started to gain more and more income.

I did it. I accomplished a business goal...

Yesterday - I climbed a mountain

That leads me to yesterday.


Yesterday, I climbed a mountain. I am from Ohio, and my writing business took me to Maine. Not to meet clients, plan content etc, but to vacation (did I mention - BY MYSELF?). I came with my brother in law, his friend, his girlfriend and her niece. No husband or children for me.

I am writing from the couch in a quiet room watching the sunrise over the ocean right now.

I know I am bragging.

But, why am I telling you this?

Because you can do it too.

You can start your freelance writing business today and grow it to be able to care for yourself like I am, right now.

I have done things on this vacation I never knew my body was capable of doing. I wouldn't be able to do it with my kids because the mountain hike was 7 miles and a lot of rock climbing.

Let me tell you three things this vacation has done for me:

 freelance writing helps me vacation 

1. Mental clarity - When I was sitting and having a snack at the top of the mountain, I was just sitting there listening. I heard absolute silence. I had my thoughts, my breathing, and my rapid heartbeat from the climb, and that was it.


 beautiful sights for freelance writer clarity 

2. Beautiful sights - I am so blessed to be in such a place that gives us views as I saw. The pictures don't do justice. The memories I take home will never leave me.


 vacation and travel as a writer

3. Recharge - When you're a mother of two, working a research job, parttime at the hospital, and writing/VA work, as well as a wife, a break should always be scheduled. Guess what? I have never left my kids and my husband in the 13 years (the age of the oldest), and now, I feel like I need to do this more often.

I recommend a good recharge for you. See where you are right now and find what recharges you. It might not be climbing a mountain or anything outside at all.

Ready to "Climb your mountain"?

I offer freelance health writers coaching in this business venture. I want help you to enjoy your summers with nature surrounding you and stepping out of the 4 walls of the hospital. Writing while overlooking the ocean, or even in your pajamas. (come see what aCoaching Session Looks like)

 work in your pajamas overlooking the ocean


I am SO incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be home. Home is where my kids are, my husband, and peace. I love my patients and will continue to be the best nurse I can, but to be able to make an income from home is where my heart flourishes the most.

What's next?

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I am able now to take more vacation from work, so in July the kids and I are taking a trip to Chicago! Now, tell me, is your nursing job letting you have this much time off this summer? I will be writing from our hotel when we are settled in, then off to the National Park out there, swimming, and then driving to the Skydesk and Navy Pier! I am SO blessed!