3 Tips to keep kids busy while you work

keep kids busy while you work

3 Tips to keep kids busy while you work

I know three-year-old boys are active mine tends to be a little more active than most. I know every child is different, but my loving 11-year-old was much calmer than this one. 

So, what do I do? I decide to start a business when he's a baby. If I knew how wild he was, I'm not sure if I would do it again.

Here are some tips that I've done to tackle a writing project, email a new client, create content for blogging, build a following and more...with my three-year-old who always craves attention and wants me to me near him.

1. "I do my work, you do your work."

He doesn't enjoy anything for a long time. We have time for short little periods of time so, we have to have multiple things next to us. Though, sitting for a few minutes is a new concept for him. Before age 3.5 he did not enjoy anything longer than 2 minutes (I'm not joking). My other son enjoyed a lot of things, like books, puzzles, and trains, every child is different, though. My youngest is always on the go.

So, I had to get to his level. My sister and I developed busy boxes that helped him a lot. Recently, for example, he likes watercolors. Therefore, we get a few pieces of paper out start the watercolors while I start my emails. After about five minutes, he decides he is done with that. Then, we pull out a puzzle, and he could do that. It's a lot of shuffling with different activities to keep him interested. This is not when I get critical writing done. Instead, this is when I do more research and emails.

2. Look into preschool

A stay at home mom I know uses daycare. Some moms homeschool, which is wonderful! I wish I could do that with him, but he wouldn’t listen if I tried. My oldest is always into learning, but the youngest is too busy flipping off the couch and climbing the walls (yes, literally, he can climb a wall).

So, if your little one is like mine and you have a full-time business, you have to use daycare or someone to watch your child, or you won't get any quality work done.

As a mom, we all think it's the greatest life to work from home but, honestly, it's very hard to work from home when you have kids you do need help. Don't try to be the martyr.

My little guy goes to preschool every day for two hours. By the time I'm able to sit down and start some work I have about an hour (my hour of power) and then it is time to get him. I don’t feel guilty anymore. He has made friends, has a snack, plays, and creates awesome crafts.

3. When in doubt...Movie.

Turning on a movie is something that has never worked for my child because he doesn't sit and watch TV. As much as I want him to sometimes, he just won't. He will watch a 30-minute show while he's eating a snack. So, guess what? That's my 30 minutes of getting back on the computer. If you have a deadline you need to fulfill, turn on the movie and don’t feel guilty. You are allowed to make money and provide for your family.

"Will you sit outside the door, mommy?"

I get this question from my little guy every night at bedtime. And of course, I sit outside the door. I sit there and start some writing while his music is on and he's falling asleep. It's not usually my prime time like my hour of power, but it does give me drafts going and things like that.

Overall, working from home is usually done when your kids are asleep. Why? That is when we CAN work! I don’t want to miss my kids when they are awake. I love being with them, playing with them, and talking with them. Sure, do I need some down time during the day? We all do. Though, most the work, okay the majority of work, is done when they are asleep.

I hope some of these tips will help you.

What do you do to help your child do their work while you do your work?