Office Makeover + Motivation

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The beauty of freelance writing is the fact that you can do it anywhere! I have been writing (as a business) since 2015 and also started my BSN program around that same time. My laptop was always with me. Then, it died, after the dog's tail hit a glass of water, that inevitably landed on my laptop, goodbye laptop.

One day, I do want a macbook again, but until then, I have my affordable laptop.

When I started school, I knew I needed a desktop computer to use Word on and to save all my work. I went to Best Buy and purchased an All-In-One Dell. It has done the job for me, through our moves, but I never had an office, until we moved to this house a year ago.

I look back and realize how much I love having a place to work. It makes me put everything else aside and focus.

Are you like this?

Sometimes, when I had a giant paper due for class, I would have to take off to a local Starbucks or library to really get something done.

Recently, we purchased new office furniture. My husband was sick of looking at me at my $30 desk, as he said. I was fine with it, but that is how I am. Over my birthday weekend, he put everything together, and ladies and gentlemen....

I officially have a real looking office.



So far, I LOVE IT! I have my desk near the window and I have plenty of space, which I always need. I am constantly making to-do lists, and reading through research that I always needed a TV tray in my office as well.

<Some Desks to Browse>

As for the mom side of me, my youngest always pulls up a chair to “work with me”. I love it.

Sometimes, you need little things to boost your productivity and motivation. This desk has done it for me, for now, hehe. I hope to not have to leave home as often because I have enough room and can focus now. Thanks to my husband!