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It's important NOW more than EVER to put quality content on your site. I can help.

I specialize in health and wellness including: pregnancy (from periods to newborn care), women's health, lifestyle writing (mom focused), breastfeeding, babies, parenting, nursing, and more (just ask).

What comes with every package?

  • Research - You provide the topic and I will spend time backing up the article with relevant research. I take time before any article I write researching content. ex: You want an article on "Signs and symptoms of pregnancy". Yes, I am a labor nurse, but I don't use myself for a resource. I only use quality websites/recent scholarly articles to back up my words.
  • Catchy Headline - You give me the topic, I provide the headline using many tactics I have learned over the years that help articles get shared and viewed. ex: "10 Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy You Never Knew".
  • Bullets/Lists/Subtitles - You give me the topic, I research, make it SEO worthy with catchy headlines and keywords, and make it readable to your audience. This generation is getting lazier with their reading, along with the attention span. My goal is to keep them engaged in your content, gathering a following for you!
  • Marketing + Promotion - Your article will be published on my Pinterest account, as well as my Twitter account, and added to my Contently profile.

** You will own your article, but I do require you to keep me as an author, so I can keep it in my portfolio.**

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